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The Physics Around Us: 100 Post Ideas

I am positively giddy about this blog, and am really looking forward to sharing my observations of the beauty of physics. I’ll never run out of things to write about, either, because physics is everywhere and I am fascinated by all of it!

I recently encountered the idea that writing a list of 100 things in a single sitting can be an effective brainstorming Iridescent Cloudstool, because once you get the “obvious” ideas out of the way, your mind opens to different sorts of ideas that can be real gems. I was also inspired by the entries to a list-writing contest, and if I had started this blog just a few days earlier, I would have been able to participate in it! Ah well, I can still participate “in spirit” by making my own list.

As I use the following ideas, I will update this post with links to the articles. Hey, that will inspire me to focus on brainstorming specific post topics rather than vague subjects that would be better used as tags! Awesome! And what better way to demonstrate the kinds of things this site is going to feature, and kickstart my writing so that I can get more content out without having to deal with blogger’s blog block! :)

100 Ideas for posts

  1. Derivation in time
  2. Position, Velocity, Acceleration
  3. Vectors and Components
  4. Newton’s Laws
  5. Laws of Thermodynamics
  6. Fun With Entropy
  7. Rollercoasters: Playing with Gravitational Potential Energy
  8. Elastic-Potential-Energy Powered Car
  9. Static Equilibrium of a Ladder Against A Wall
  10. The Generalized Coordinates of a Bicycle
  11. Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  12. Wave-Particle Duality of Light
  13. Quantum Computers: When Do I Get Mine?
  14. Water in Video Games
  15. “Rag Doll Physics” in Video Games
  16. Refraction of Light
  17. Rainbows
  18. Gyroscopes
  19. The Shape of a Coffee Mug and its Efficiency
  20. Why Snuggling is Warm
  21. The Yo-Yo
  22. The Q-Ray Bracelet
  23. How Electricity is Like Water
  24. Star Trek’s Transporters
  25. Good Posture
  26. Happy Posture
  27. Lasers
  28. Electroshock Weapons
  29. Microwave Cooking
  30. Cooking Onions
  31. Leaking Energy from Buildings
  32. Orbital Mechanics of our Solar System
  33. Iridescent Clouds
  34. Evolution and Explosion of Massive Stars
  35. Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars (books by Kim Stanley Robinson)
  36. Chaos and Order Magic (as described in L.E. Modesitt’s Recluse novels)
  37. SOH CAH TOA Trigonometry
  38. Sheet Music: The First Time Axis
  39. Sound Frequencies and the Human Ear
  40. Wind
  41. Audiophile Cables
  42. Acoustic Guitars
  43. Electric Guitars
  44. Headphones
  45. Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  46. Television Technologies
  47. How Can I Avoid Getting Shocked When Exiting a Vehicle?
  48. Colourful Sunsets and Sunrises
  49. Setting your Camera’s White Balance
  50. H2O
  51. Waves on Lakes
  52. Boiling Water: To Salt or Not To Salt?
  53. The Algebra of Physical Space
  54. Quantum Entanglement
  55. The Constancy of the Speed of Light
  56. My PhD Research: Boosted Entanglement in the Algebra of Physical Space
  57. Lagrangians and Hamiltonians
  58. The Portable Telephone
  59. Cellular Telephone Radiation
  60. Bouyancy (Experiment)
  61. Bubbles! (Experiment)
  62. Playing Dice with the Universe
  63. What’s “100 Amp Service” Mean, in household circuits?
  64. How Computer Processors Work
  65. Moore’s Law
  66. Your Brain on Chocolate
  67. How Eyeglasses Work
  68. The Gravitational Constant
  69. The Psychology of Symmetry and Sine Waves
  70. The Accelerating Expansion of the Universe
  71. Thunder and Lightning and the Speed of Sound
  72. Why Lightning Happens
  73. How Speakers Work
  74. Setting Up for Stereo Listening
  75. Setting Up for Surround Sound
  76. Subwoofer Crossover Frequency
  77. Blu-Ray Technology
  78. Record Players
  79. Aurora: Curtains of Ions
  80. As the World Turns…
  81. The Direction of Water Whirling
  82. Simulations of Weightlessness
  83. Weight vs. Mass
  84. Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  85. Heat as Wasted Information
  86. The Shape of Snowflakes
  87. Meditation on Gravitation
  88. How to Use a Nutcracker
  89. Paper Airplanes
  90. The Spin of an Electron
  91. Accelerating Towards the Speed of Light
  92. Warp Drives and other Faster-than-Light Travel
  93. Tachyons: Hypothesized Time Particles
  94. Sound Reflections inside a Spherical Yoga Ball
  95. Plasma: the Fourth State of Matter
  96. Magnets and Paper Clips
  97. Making Your Own Compass
  98. Why is the Sky Blue?
  99. Polarization in the Sky
  100. Relative Velocity: How Much Faster than Me?

If you are inspired by any of these ideas, please send me the link to your own article! I love learning about how others are appreciating the beauty of physics around us!

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  1. Hi Qrystal,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the article on the lists of 100! Using it as a focusing tool for blogging is an excellent idea.

    Good luck with the new website!

    Comment by Luciano Passuello | December 2, 2007

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