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Big changes goin’ on…

I don’t suspect there’s anyone reading here yet, but I feel like trumpeting my success today and there’s no better place but here.  I successfully changed my primary site from, to, and changed the former to an addon site.  I only suffered a few hours of stress in trying to figure out why it was seeming so difficult, but I managed to beat it into submission, and I am quite pleased.

And so, my work as a webmaster has begun, and all it took was a spark of a dream (, a sprinkling of me (, and a big dash of enthusiasm.  Woot!

I’m also managing to keep a decent amount of focus on my thesis, which is more than I’ve done in the past, before I figured out what I wanted to use my education for.  This website development is thus forced to proceed very slowly, but it’s all for the best, because I can’t move forward with any of these plans unless I can also rescue myself from eternal studenthood.

Soon enough, I’ll sort through the pile of lists of plugins that I’ve been collecting… because I don’t want to still be figuring out plugins once I have readers.  Administration first, while working on collecting my writings, and THEN I will move into marketing and networking.  Joy, oh joy! :)

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