Your friendly guide to physics appreciation!


About the Site

There are many reasons why creating this website is important to me:

  • I am passionate about linking physics with everyday life;
  • my awe of physics is an interesting and perhaps even a unique perspective that should be shared;
  • I love the interactive environment and networking that the blogosphere has made possible;
  • I have education and experience in computer development which gives me an advantage in this endeavour;
  • I get lost in writing, and get a huge thrill out of seeing my final creations;
  • I feel that helping more people understand more physics is a noble purpose that I can be proud to put my efforts towards!

I can think of a few big influences that encouraged me to be pursue knowledge in physics:

  • “About the Big Sky, About the High Hills, About the Rich Earth, And the Deep Sea” – by Joe Kaufman;
  • my Dad always suggesting we “Look it Up!” if we want to know more;
  • my Grade 12 Physics teacher, Mr. McCann, helping us see the usefulness of mathematics as it applies to physics;
  • The Internet, the ultimate resource allowing us to “Look it Up!”;
  • “The Elegant Universe” - by Brian Greene, inspiring me to take some physics courses at university;
  • those first few physics courses at university encouraged me to change my major;
  • inspirational professors and peers at university kept me inspired and interested in the subject.

The saddest part about studying physics is that a lot of people seem to be afraid when I tell them what I’m studying. That makes it really hard to share the experience of how beautiful I see the universe! And by beautiful, I mean something like the following definition:

adj. having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind.

Unfortunately, physics is often presented too technically, too mathematically, too complicatedly, or too dryly for most people to appreciate, and that’s a real shame. I want to help others to see the beauty I see in everything from the most bizarre and amazing discoveries happening at the forefront of physics research, to the most mundane of everyday observances. I am up for the challenge of presenting the subjects in ways that can be accessable to anyone who is interested!

Overall, I believe that if more people took the time to contemplate the wonders of the universe, they could experience the following benefits:

  • a good variety in thinking patterns is great exercise for the brain;
  • improving one’s own use of physics concepts can make for greater efficiency in everyday things;
  • the joy from being in awe of the way things are is good for the spirit!