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Testing LaTeX implementation

This post is just a test of latexrender.

I see the “tex” button when I’m in Code editing mode– that’s good.


1 + e^{i \pi}

I see the pictures being generated in the directory they’re supposed to– that’s good too.
But I don’t see the image properly when I preview the post. Maybe I should Publish it… testing that!

…Darn. Going back to review the steps in the installation, and going to try some debugging tactics mentioned at the plugin author’s website.

I’ve now uncommented the unlink(delete) commands, and am trying a new formula: \sqrt{37}

No dice. Undoing the uncommenting (heh).

I’ve now deleted all the files that have been created in /pictures and /tmp. Gonna try something else… tweaking $latexrender_path_http = "/path_to/latexrender";

AHA!!!! I had to use “/wordpress/latexrender”, not just “/latexrender”. I think this is because I have wordpress installed in its own directory, but the site is set up to run wordpress as the root. Neato.

Now, all I have to do is find where the images are getting that awful outline…

(First guess: the theme did it!)
…and whadda you know, that wasn’t so hard to fix!!  This CSS stuff isn’t so bad at all!!!

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