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Not forgotten!

I am still constantly appreciating the beautiful physics around me, and I have not forgotten the intention to write all about it!  I am just forcing myself to keep all my “beautiful physics” writing in drafts for now, because I am saving my refinement until after I am done my thesis (which happens to be in physics).

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Big changes goin’ on…

I don’t suspect there’s anyone reading here yet, but I feel like trumpeting my success today and there’s no better place but here.  I successfully changed my primary site [...] Continue Reading…

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Testing LaTeX implementation

This post is just a test of latexrender.

I see the “tex” button when I’m in Code editing mode– that’s good.

1 + e^{i \pi}
I see the pictures being generated [...] Continue Reading…

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The Physics Around Us: 100 Post Ideas

am positively giddy about this blog, and am really looking forward to sharing my observations of the beauty of physics. I’ll never run out of things to [...] Continue Reading…

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